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Marianne Wilton-Blom

Associate Director, Benelux

With over 20 years experience in servicing international corporate companies and institutional investors, Marianne Wilton-Blom is a seasoned professional in sustainable operations challenges, ie the identification and addressing of environmental, safety, and social market risk presented to businesses around the globe.  Marianne has worked closely with institutional investors and with a range of industries in the manufacturing, petrochemical, and retail sectors — on transactions and the roll-out of corporate programmes.  In addition to specialisation in regulations, liability assessment, and market developments, Marianne is skilled in contaminated land restoration and site redevelopment.  In recent years, she has developed an additional focus on sustainable finance and the incorporation of the UN sustainable development goals (UN SDGs) into company strategies.

Marianne is based in Belgium and the Netherlands, where she has managed works and operations for several companies during her career since international environmental consulting took seed in this region during the 1990s.