Meri Mullins

Principal Consultant - North America

Meri has spent the last decade dedicated to climate change mitigation and sustainability. With a degree in Chemical Environmental Engineering, her background has broad strokes from renewable energy research and emissions reductions to agriculture and soil carbon. She brings five years of experience in regenerative agriculture and soil carbon market project development to the Anthesis team.  Meri’s expertise includes; farmer training, soil health policy advocacy, supply chain regeneration, and corporate strategy on soil carbon markets. Having been a farmer herself, she provides valuable insight to regenerative agriculture strategy and implementation to drive impact from the ground up.

Growing up camping in the woods on Lake Michigan she gained a deep appreciation for living in accordance with nature to conserve our landscapes and promote human health. After 5 years working at the intersection of energy, engineering, and climate change she was introduced to regenerative agriculture and its power to restore landscapes and mitigate climate change. Since she has been committed to supporting farmers in thriving ecologically and economically through de-risking the adoption of regenerative agriculture. Meri has traveled the country building relationships with a diversity of producers, gaining a deep understanding of the context of modern agriculture.

Accreditations: Savory Institute Holistic Management Accredited Professional and Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Certifier.