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Pere Pous

President, Anthesis Lavola, Spain

Pere is president and co-founder of Lavola, the Spanish company of Anthesis Group. He is responsible for marketing, innovation and finance and is also the living memory of Lavola’s history.

In 1981, he participated in the foundation of the La Vola School of Nature, organising the first Nature School for teachers in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu de La Vola, in the region of Osona (Barcelona). Pere was a teacher at a high school until 1992. Then he assumed the general management of Lavola and directed the development of the company by diversifying the services and consolidating the business, as a company specialised in sustainability, with headquarters in Manlleu, Barcelona, Madrid, Bogotá and Andorra. Lavola merged with Anthesis Group in 2019 to contribute to building the world’s largest group of sustainability experts.

Son of farmers, Pere graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona in 1981 and completed his Master’s in Environmental Management in the rural world at the University of Barcelona in 1987. With a naturalistic spirit, he is dedicated to contributing to build a better world through environmental education, environmental communication and environmental consulting.