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Simone Aplin

Technical Director, UK

Simone is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 20 years’ experience in waste and resource management in operations, as a regulator and now as a consultant. As a Technical Director in Anthesis, she works with public and private sector clients across a wide range of resources & waste issues. This includes support to develop and consult on a Resource & Waste Sector Deal for the UK Resources Council and leading the development of a nationwide smart waste tracking system for Defra.

Simone acts as an expert witness to UK courts in criminal and civil disputes, preparing expert evidence and giving verbal evidence in court in cases involving waste offences and their impact on the environment. She also advises public and private sector clients on regulation and compliance, having an in-depth understanding of waste legislation and its application by the regulator, and has delivered a large number of projects relating to waste and waste crime for the Environment Agency.

Simone is a trusted advisor for waste market and regulatory due diligence and has used her understanding of waste data and the policy landscape to deliver feedstock and market assessments for businesses and funders to support investments and acquisitions. She has an in-depth technical understanding of waste, waste treatment, products and materials through her project work supporting procurement and providing solutions for a wide range of clients. Simone worked in waste management operations and was TCM for hazardous landfill.

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