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Wolfgang Wick

Associate Director, Germany

Wolfgang has more than 15 years of experience in digitalization of EHS and Sustainability related data sets.

Based in Germany, Wolfgang is part of the global Information Solutions team and works alongside our team of EHS and Sustainability experts. He manages client relationships and coordinates our team of technical developers and business process analysts, with a focus on data management, data visualization and business process operations. His role at Anthesis includes supply chain operations, product/material compliance, auditing processes and circular economy.

His background covers different sectors, including chemicals, discrete manufacturing, retail and consumer products. He has delivered several projects for large and midsize multi-national companies, in the area of digital data transformation, visualization and analysis and ERP system integration. Previous to his role at Anthesis, Wolfgang worked for SAP in Germany and the United States. As a technical consultant, later as a business process principal and a project manager, he delivered and managed several SAP roll-outs for EHS, Product Compliance and PLM.

Wolfgang has a degree in business administration and informatics. He is certified in technical areas for database and software programming, as well as project management (Agile, SAP ASAP, ITIL PMSOC006), Six Sigma (PMSOC005) and Fundamentals of Business Analysis.