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Plastic Choices and CO2 Impacts: Setting a Strategy and Sticking to it

December 9, 2019 | Event,

10 December, 4 pm – 5 pm GMT. This event is available to members of the Anthesis Client Network (ACN) and will look at how businesses can balance the need for sustainability strategies that are credible and ambitious, but also flexible.

Against the backdrop of COP25 taking place from 02-13 December, we’ll discuss the challenge of developing a strategy that will have to be responsive and adaptive to changes in the market that you can’t yet forecast.

We’ll frame the discussion for two types of companies: those that will only set a strategy where the action plan is fully developed with absolute visibility in how to achieve it, as well as those companies who are willing to develop and communicate bold ambitions without understanding clearly how to get there.

We’ll consider the ways in which both approaches can be credible.

We’ll also examine the questions that should be asked when developing a strategy: To what extent does this strategy support core business objectives in addition to reducing impact around plastics and climate change?

Is the strategy supporting a change in business process? If not, challenge whether this strategy can be mainstream to your business, or whether it will be a peripheral strategy, which suggests the possibility it might not be successful. We can share examples of what we feel are credible strategies, which answer those questions in a positive manner.

But as we learn best from our mistakes, this session will also explore where you have struggled and learned, and how you can learn from other examples. Please bring your examples for discussion, Anthesis will bring our own examples. Everything will be kept confidential under Chatham House Rules.

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