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Plastics + Sustainable Materials In The Apparel Industry

17 Nov 2020 | Event, Webinar,

Plastics Free World 2020

Plastics are a key issue for the Apparel industry. In fact, some of the most common fibres used in apparel are plastic (polyester, nylon, acrylic) and for many high street brands polyester constitutes over 50 per cent of their fibre footprint. Across the globe, many brands and retailers are setting targets to reach 100 per cent recycled polyester, and several are also investigating and trialling innovative bio-based materials.

In light of this, Anthesis’ Technical Directors Susan Harris and Claudia Amos spoke at the Plastics Free World 2020 event about plastics and sustainable materials in the apparel industry.

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They discussed:

  • The proportion of plastics used in apparel and how it compares to other industry sectors
  • Environmental impacts of individual polymers
  • Alternatives to virgin plastics in clothing including recycled fibres and bio-materials
  • The growing importance of recycled fibres
  • An overview of the different plastic recycling processes, and a brief look at the Anthesis’ Plastic Recycling Technology Hub
  • Challenges of implementing sustainable alternatives
  • Insights into the future of the textiles industry
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