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Sustainable Power & Utilities

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The Opportunity in the Energy Transition

The utilities sector has a part to play in the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future. Power and utilities suppliers must find ways of halving emissions by 2030 to avoid the impacts of 2 degrees of global warming by rapidly electrifying systems and decarbonising our energy mix. Electricity and heat in the energy sector are responsible for 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, creating a unique opportunity and challenge for organisations. The utilities sector sits at the juncture between two critical strategies to facilitate the energy transition and achieve climate change imperatives: to dramatically reduce the footprint of our electrical grid, and combined strategies of electrification, options from the hydrogen economy, decentralised heat and power and gas, as well as grid decarbonisation.  


Power and Utilities Strategy 

The utilities industry has historically operated as a monopoly, with a focus on safety, reliability, and affordability. Today, energy and utilities companies must meet a new demand from customers, regulators and government for demonstrating a commitment to an energy transition that provides a sustainable, low-carbon future for all connected customers.

The Decarbonisation Challenge

Utility infrastructure is unique to each cityscape, shaped by national and local politics, geography and shifting market forces. This variability results in different pathways to decarbonisation. When it comes to power and water, many utilities have a high dependency on electricity grid decarbonisation driven by national policy and investment, with influence limited to moving more of their services to the grid.

Across the industry, utilities are embracing a growth mindset and making commitments to engage their stakeholders to find solutions. The industry is being forced into an innovative, fast-changing context and Anthesis’ utility consultants are primed to help clients navigate the new reality and embed sustainability in every step of the energy transition from goal setting through implementation.


Decarbonisation Drivers

  • Regulators are pushing grid operators towards a zero-carbon future through price incentivisation
  • Competition from new entrants within the fragmented and privatised utility infrastructure allow for disruptive business models and technology
  • Investor ESG requirements and divestment from fossil fuels

Anthesis’s Energy and Utility Sector Experience 

Our approach is based on deep subject matter expertise with a combination of industry and government experience to implement approaches that deliver meaningful and lasting environmental, social, and economic benefits. We help executives embed sustainability by engaging their entire value chain.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the utilities services outlined, and a reputation for finding common ground among stakeholders within consortia.

  • We have supported the traditional ‘big 6’ retail suppliers in the UK market deliver on their Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) for over 10 years
  • We support the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA) a CPO lead group of 19 leading US electric power utilities driving sustainability into the supply chain

What sets us apart?

  • Deep knowledge of the industry operating principles
  • Proven track record of transformational change
  • Expertise in regulatory risk management and identification of places where sustainable performance can be linked to top line growth and long-term resilience
  • Capability to integrate effectively across organisations

Anthesis has been a critical partner in SRP’s transformational sustainability journey. The team helped our business partners to embrace the challenge, set comprehensive organisational goals, engaged our stakeholders, embed sustainability in our business, and develop innovative programs that are amplifying SRP’s role as a leader in the community.

Marc Campbell
Manager of Sustainability Policy and Programs, Salt River Project


Anthesis helped EPRI define and apply Circular Economy principles to the Electric Power Sector.

Ken Lawdig
Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute

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Tools for Supporting the Power & Utilities Sector

Clean CO2 – a carbon management tool that allows companies and events to offset and reduce their carbon footprint. It accompanies users throughout the process of neutralising their company’s activities and greenhouse gas emissions, helping them to achieve carbon neutrality by investing in projects to reduce emissions, such as energy efficiency, renewable energies and carbon sinks.

GIS  – satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems, which is used extensively in arid and semi-arid environments for infrastructure planning as well as locating water and mineral resources. Geospatial analysis, map viewers, cartographic dashboards, story maps, and all sort of customized GIS based online applications for geographical data visualization and analysis.

Tennaxia  – Digital platform for companies to collect and manage extra-financial data.

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