Product Stewardship

Product sustainability is an increasingly mainstream business requirement. Aside from the legislative and regulatory concerns, ignoring the provenance of components and materials, the management of toxic and harmful substances and the sustainability impacts of consumption, disposal and recovery, can lead to significant business risks.

Such risks can include business disruption arising from interruptions in supply, operations and routes to market, the delisting of products and materials that are no longer acceptable to sensitive markets and customers, litigation and enforcement action as a result of non-compliance and reputational damage from poor governance or a perceived lack of responsibility and ethics.

Conversely, a proactive and innovative stance can deliver material opportunity:

  • New markets, products and services, accessed by rethinking production and consumption and developing new market differentiators.
  • Greater profile, through thought leadership and reputation building.
  • Improved business resilience, through securely managed supply chains, operations and routes to market.
  • Opportunities to make savings and efficiencies, through improvements in the management of materials and products and a proactive response to the business processes for responsible operations.

Anthesis are strategically positioned in key markets across the value chain to meet the specific needs of multiple industries. Our product stewardship, implementation and thought leadership services deliver global sustainability performance results, which are aligned to and driven by business requirements to provide tangible commercial outcomes.

Our Product Stewardship Services

Our unique position within a number of global sectors enables Anthesis to offer the full range of cross value chain sustainability services. Our expertise in product stewardship, sometimes known as Extended Producer Responsibility, can be split into three main sections – compliance, implementation and thought leadership.

  • Compliance

    • Responsible Sourcing
    • Restricted Substances
    • Takeback
  • Implementation

    • Innovative and Disruptive Business Models
    • Managed Business Process Outsourcing
    • Software & Systems
  • Thought Leadership

    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Research and Development
    • Strategy and Communications

Our compliance services ensure products meet global regulations and define clear strategies to achieve set standards. Implementation involves developing and integrating new business model solutions empowered by software and systems to enhance operational efficiency. We also provide thorough subject matter expertise on collecting analytics, setting and reporting on measurable goals as well as communication these both internally and externally.

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