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The Innovation Project Återhus – Building Houses from Houses

July 21, 2021 | News,
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Anthesis Sweden is proud to have been part of a new innovative project, Återhus – to build houses from houses. The project focused on heavy building parts, mainly made of concrete and steel, such as frame parts and facades. Anthesis investigated the environmental economic value and developed business models for recycling heavy building elements. The project has recently been named one of the industry-leading initiatives contributing to a circular and climate-neutral future in Dagens Nyheter, a national Swedish newspaper.

By recycling concrete and steel, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions, we can also reduce waste, extract virgin raw materials and preserve nature – all of these values ​​must be included to enable circularity in our society. Even though the materials often have a long life left when buildings are set to be demolished, the materials are not used further.

The project is being led by Codesign and takes place in collaboration with NCC, RISE, the City of Stockholm, Vasakronan, Fabege, Atrium Ljungberg, Contiga, Zengun, Anthesis, Svensk Betong, Ramboll and KTH. The project has received funding from Vinnova Challenge-Driven Innovation step 2, with the main purpose of the investment to see how brands and companies can work actively together to meet the goals in Agenda 2030 and how Sweden compares to other countries.

Press releases in Swedish about the project can be found here. Information is also available from Vinnova and in previous news from Anthesis in Swedish.

Please contact  Linda Staffing for more information about the project.

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