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Reporting Progress for Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Strategy

November 5, 2020 | News,

Coca-Cola’s new Sustainability Report for 2019 presents the company’s main sustainability aims and advances in a design that makes its contents more understandable, highlighting major actions.
Find the report here (Spanish)

Anthesis Lavola works to build Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Report for 2019

Coca-Cola Spain has presented its latest Sustainability Report, which highlights the advancements the company has made in delivering on their sustainability strategy This is Forward. Since 2017, this strategic approach has been leading the company’s actions related to packaging, drinks and their chain supply, among other important issues for its business. This aligns with wider ambitious goals set at the European level for the company.

This report places great value on the actions carried out by the company over the course of 2019 and gives a voice to the stakeholders who have been leading these sustainability achievements. Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Iberia have received the support of Anthesis Lavola in Spain in the delivery of this report.

Coca-Cola 2019 Strategy Report document

Our Anthesis Lavola Corporate Sustainability team have been actively involved in the preparation of the report’s content.  The team supported Coca-Cola in the realisation of this report through the recollection of information, proofreading and the structuring of its content. The final version of this report is available in both Spanish and Portuguese.

In addition, the Lavola Communications team was also commissioned to compile the report’s design and layout in both languages, while also creating an infographic executive design focused on making its contents more understandable as well as visually outlining its main takeaways.

Coca-Cola’s overall strategic approach, This is Forward, has focused on six social and environmental areas which align with wider Sustainable Development Goal targets to facilitate sustainable change across their supply chain.

Find out more about how to you can integrate the UN’s SDGs into your sustainability targets by reading our guide here.

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