Rethinking Offsetting for Local Authorities: Authority Based Insetting?

22 Jul 2020 | Event,

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Local Authority Webinar Series | Rethinking Offsetting for Local Authorities: Authority Based Insetting?

Offsetting by corporate organisations has historically come under intense scrutiny. Aspects such as carbon saving additionality, permanence, and verification often commonly sighted as challenges. But in light of ‘Net Zero’ targets and declarations, many councils are now considering carbon offsets for the first time, as a means to achieve their end goal. However, for local authorities, ‘typical’ offsetting options may present an even greater challenge than for the corporate market. The investment of public money in a scheme that may offer no social or economic return within the region, often the primary concern, alongside the desire to use offsetting to stimulate and support carbon projects locally.

This webinar explored how UK local authorities are looking to navigate this issue. It included practical insight from Cheshire East Council, who have set an incredibly ambitious target of becoming Net Zero by 2025, and in partnership with others are looking to develop an innovative new approach to offsetting that seeks to maximise carbon and social impact locally (Authority Based Insetting).

Matt Rooney, Principal Consultant, Anthesis
Dan Griffiths, Economic Development Programme Manager, Cheshire East Council

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