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Welcome to our dedicated Science Based Targets resource library.

Here you’ll find a host of useful materials to help guide you through the process of setting an SBT.  Join a growing list of companies by reducing your GHG footprint, in-line with climate science.

This collection of SBT resources will help you to:

  • Evaluate the various Science Based Target methodologies that can be applied 
  • Understand what is typically required in order to set a Science Based Target
  • Think about how to prioritize and implement GHG emissions reduction activities
  • Understand the tools available for data collection in the supply chain
  • Assess how data visualization can inform decision-making & enable reporting



 Top Tools and Resources


Webinar Recording:

SBTs - Reducing Carbon Across the Value Chain  

Science Based Targets_ reducing carbon across the value chain


An overview of how we consider the tools needed and assess the methodology that we’re applying when helping clients evaluate and set a Science Based Target.


Webinar Recording:

SBTs - A Deeper Dive  

Science Based Targets_ A Deeper Dive


 A session that builds on the prior webinar to explore the SBTs process in more depth


Live demo of Our SBT Tool:

Using data visualization for SBTs

Our online password-protected data visualization tool allows you to create and forecast GHG emissions for your business and test the impact of reduction strategies towards achieving a Science Based Target.

Anthesis uses Tableau to provide clients with cost-effective, quick-to-deliver data visualization and analytics tools enabling us to dive deeper into the data, and manipulate it for more answers. Tableau's business-intelligent analytical approach excels at presenting modeling and scenario analysis projects like SBTs, and we also use it with clients for the following: to report their annual GHG inventory performance tracking and reporting activities, to present the outputs and analysis from stakeholder engagement surveys and materiality assessments, and for analyzing and presenting vast amounts of supply chain data with global organizations like the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.



Interact with our Data Visualization Tool

 Explore the SBT Dashboard

Test out the live SBT dashboard tool for yourself. Click across the tabs at the top of the dashboard and then click within the dashboard to adjust inputs and see the resulting visualizations. (Inputs and results are illustrative.)



Take our SBT Health Check Assessment

Download the Questionaire

Questions to help you to assess your readiness to set a Science Based Target. Use these questions as a guide within your organization and to identify where you need more time and preparation.



 About Our SBT Clients

We support over 25 of the world's leading companies with in either evaluating, setting, or implementing a strategy to achieve a Science Based Target

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