Webinar: Agriculture’s role in a Net Zero journey: the opportunity and the challenge [Engelska]

September 24, 2021 | Evenemang, Webinar,


Agriculture’s role in a Net Zero journey: the opportunities and challenges [Engelska]

Torsdag 21 oktober 2021 | 9-10 am MST

Addressing agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when striving for a Net Zero target has the potential to transform the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. Organizations that set ambitions on Net Zero have the potential to support the regeneration of ecosystems and communities that underpin their value chains. Agriculture’s role in a Net Zero strategy is complicated – as is prioritizing and integrating initiatives that create the most value.

Focusing on the North America context, this webinar will support attendees in understanding what Net Zero means, what role food and agriculture have within Net Zero accounting, and the practical steps businesses can take to set them on the journey.

  • Birds eye view of Net Zero
  • The role of food & agriculture in Net Zero and GHG accounting
  • What about soil carbon?
  • The path forward


Simon Davis Hannah Aneiros
Simon Davis
Principal Consultant
Hannah Aneiros
Associate Director
Mariko Thorbecke
Senior Consultant
Meri Mullins
Principal Consultant