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Helping Your Response to the Call for Evidence on Single-Use Plastic

May 11, 2018 | News,

The UK government is calling for evidence to explore the best way in addressing single-use plastic waste and how this can be reduced. This is an all encompassing consultation considering potential taxes and charges, reducing unnecessary production, increasing reuse and improving recycling.

Your chance to reply to the consultation closes at midnight on 18th May.

The scope of the consultation is across the whole supply chain, from production and retail to consumption and disposal, to make sure any resulting action and future policy development is thoroughly effective.

The government has posed several questions to help shape responses. To support you in creating your response we have developed an ‘Anthesis view’ for each question. Our helpful notes take into account the technicalities and considerations you should bear in mind when replying with suggestions and thoughts on behalf of your organisation.

Download our FAQ guide below to help your business shape its response in tackling the plastic problem.  plastic pollution in lake


With a large amount of activity, debates and strategies around single-use plastic waste since the turn of the year it is difficult to keep up-to-date. At the end of April for example, there were two new widely publicised initiatives – the UK Plastics Pact and EU Circular Economy Package.

Although promising in the quest to reduce plastic waste, it does make it somewhat problematic to form a coherent, strategic plan of your own to suit your business and organisational needs without knowing if you are doing the right thing.

Our Plastic FAQ document has been designed to clear things up, making the debate much more transparent and accessible. Please fill in the short form below to get your copy.