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Single-Use Plastics – FAQ Guide for Business Action

June 13, 2018 | Guidance,

Successfully tackling the plastic problem from a business perspective is no easy task. It’s a complex, intricate web with actions and decisions having multiple knock-on effects on supply chains and business operations.

With governments all over the world now focusing on this environmental issue, change throughout the whole supply chain is inevitable – from initial production all the way through to disposal.

Well-thought out change will have positive impacts for the oceans and the world we live in, but it can be unnerving for businesses who will be affected by new policies and legislation. However, this also presents a fantastic opportunity for organizations to make positive changes of their own.

Making the single-use plastic issue easier to understand for businesses

There is currently a lot of commentary in the media and online around the debate. With so much going on, it’s difficult to keep pace and identify the key points in the argument upon which you can act. Even the simplest question of all – ‘what is single-use plastic?’ – can spark multiple answers. 

Our 7-page whitepaper plastic guide, set out in a FAQ style, tries to unpick the most important issues relevant to businesses.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the issues and opportunities available, we answer the following questions to support with your own quest when it comes to taking action:

  • What is single-use plastic?
  • What are the mains problems with singleuse plastics, and why?
  • How can my business find single-use plastics alternatives?
  • How can I prioritize which plastics to focus on in my supply chain?
  • How can I calculate the impacts of new policies on my business?
  • How should I communicate with my customers to increase responsibility when it comes to handling plastic?

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