Software + Systems

Let’s go on a journey…from imagination to implementation

There has been no other time in history where technology has been more recognized for its importance to business. It touches nearly every facet of operations, compliance and increasingly allows you to peer into the future to predict and adapt to emerging challenges and secure competitive advantage.

Whether it's to build a bespoke software tool to improve business process, a platform to communicate with your supply chain or process mapping software, Anthesis can be design, deliver and augment your IT capability and drive outstanding results within your organization.

Each member of the Software and Systems team is a technical expert capable of delivering the goods and solving your problems through direct interaction. 

Technology can have positive impact on a wide array of issues within your business, including:

  • Process automation
  • Data analytics
  • Systems adoption
  • Continuous quality improvement

software implementation process diagram

What we will do for you

Develop a long term strategy with a practical approach. 

There are always practical constraints to an IT implementation.  We fully understand that you not only need the long-term roadmap but a phased approach to implement what is feasible today. We understand your architecture, budget, and internal stakeholder constraints to design the right approach.

Build trust and deliver value.

Trust allows for future investment and achievement of long-term goals. We focus on adding value immediately, not tomorrow, not in six months’ time, but today so you can show real progress and get the buy in you need to achieve the transformative results you strive for.

Help you understand the future state business process. 

We deploy our subject matter experts to help you envision the future state business processes which surround the new systems. This allows for the right stakeholder engagement and system configurations before tools are released to ensure maximum benefit.

Ensure you have full internal adoption. 

We engage the stakeholder community early and often to ensure their input is heard and thoughtfully applied to the IT solution.  When the projects are delivered, everyone knows what to expect and the transformation happens naturally because stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the new tools.

Provide continuity and stability.

We bring the end-to-end package from strategy, implementation and management of change, to support and even steady state outsourced operations. We're a long term partner with a true stake in the process as your continued success is closely coupled with ours.

Our Software and System Services

  • Exploring disparate data trends
  • Deploying scalable cloud and behind-the-firewall business intelligence solutions
  • Proactive management of change
  • Business process and stakeholder alignment
  • Training and material development and delivery
  • Long term outsourced operations
  • Ongoing support

Download our product compliance as a managed service PDF for further reading. 

  • Drive maximum value from existing infrastructure and redeploying the gains to build for the future
  • Systems roadmap development
  • Practical phased implementation planning
  • Requirement identification
  • Specification
  • Program management
  • End-to-end continuity of service provision
  • Implementation lifecycle support