Activating Sustainability - The Anthesis Podcast

Activating sustainability thumbnail FINALIntroducing a new podcast series brought to you by Anthesis

The world deserves better and change is vital for our people, cities, businesses, investors, societies, ecosystems and the planet. As it’s now proven, the status quo is no longer an option and those who recognize the importance of sustainability and embrace change are those that will ultimately thrive and be the catalysts for a better world. 

This series will look at a whole host of sustainability topics, unpacking the issues, dissecting the solutions and inspiring others to share in our vision.  

Episode 1: Quantifying Climate Risk and Opportunity

In our first episode, host and Associate Director Chris Peterson is joined by Executive Director Don Reed to discuss the emerging risks and opportunities of climate change, and how organization's can begin to quantify them.  

Episode 2: The Commercial Criticality of Sustainability

In episode two, host Chris Peterson is joined by Anthesis Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer and previous Head of Sustainability at Sainsbury’s, Paul Crewe, to discuss why sustainability is critical to commercial success.

Episode 3: Sustainable Fashion

Chris Peterson sits down with Technical Director Susan Harris to discuss all things sustainable fashion, exploring some of the controversies, as well as how the sector can begin the shift towards more sustainable supply chains. 

Episode 4: Plastic Choices and CO2 Impacts

In this episode, we hear from Anthesis' Associate Director Jono Adams on the sometimes conflicting goals of plastic and carbon reduction.


Episode 5: Science-Based Targets

Executive Director Josh Whitney joins Chris Peterson for episode five to discuss climate change, Science-Based Targets and businesses committing to the 1.5 degree target.



Introducing a subset of the Sustainability Matters podcast:

The Utility Sector Mini-Series

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