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    Agriculture faces unprecedented economic, environmental and societal risks that if not adequately addressed will present significant challenges to how we meet the demands of a growing population.

    Our worldwide team of sustainability experts works with clients to build the business case for sustainable agriculture. We prioritize risks, plan for implementation, engage stakeholders, develop software and tools, and provide science-based metrics to measure success.

    Where there are challenges there are also opportunities. The companies and organizations leading the way in adopting sustainable agricultural practices are prospering through improved security of raw material supply, value chain efficiencies, business growth and positive brand recognition.

    Our sustainable agriculture services

    Our services for sustainable agriculture range from addressing specific challenges to leading clients through a multi-step process that covers the creation of a business case, risk prioritization, implementation, tools, measurement and stakeholder engagement.

    With expertise in fields as diverse as waste resources and sustainable chemistry as well as sustainable agriculture, our team brings in-depth knowledge to every project.

    We support clients in defining what agricultural leadership means to their business:

    • Brand, investment and supply chain strategy
    • Senior leadership strategy workshops
    • Competitor benchmarking
    • Global market research
    • Agriculture legislation and policy review
    • Implementation road maps.

    We enable clients to prioritize their biggest agricultural risks:

    • Risk hotspot analysis
    • Scenario planning under different climate scenarios
    • Materiality assessment
    • Key sustainable agriculture market drivers and trends.

    Our global team of experts are leaders in agriculture policy, supply chain initiatives and technology development:

    • Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Natural capital
    • Water
    • Soil health
    • Food loss and waste
    • Circular economy
    • Resource efficiency
    • Energy
    • Animal welfare
    • Modern slavery
    • Deforestation
    • Agri-tech
    • Commodities
    • Supply chain, retail and apparel.

    We develop bespoke tools and software to enable clients to evidence their impacts at scale:

    • Supply chain risk mapping
    • Carbon life cycle assessment
    • Sustainability impact calculators
    • Grower benchmarking
    • Sustainable agriculture scorecards
    • Agricultural data, analytics and visualization
    • Data integration and supply chain traceability
    • Agri-tech

    We develop and adopt science-based metrics to support clients report progress:

    • Sustainable development goals
    • Sustainability metrics
    • Science based targets
    • Corporate reporting frameworks.

    We create an enabling environment and facilitate system-wide critical thinking and innovation:

    • Sustainability working groups
    • Supplier networks
    • Pre-competitive forums
    • Domain specific workshops
    • Training.

    Our clients

    We help our retail, manufacturing, agri-service, agri-tech and public sector clients with a critical dependence on the global agriculture system, to re-conceive and evidence the value of sustainable agriculture both now and in the future.

    Sustainable agriculture insights

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