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Sustainable Finance Products

Supporting clients in the development and issue of innovative and robust sustainable finance products

The types of ESG and sustainability linked debt and lending products is broadening:

  • Companies and financial institutions (FIs) issuing green, blue, and social bonds.
  • Loan products supporting companies and their supply chains.
  • Green mortgages, savings and deposits accounts and credit cards for consumers.

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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the types of sustainable financial products and the volume issued and traded around the world. This emphasises both the growing importance of this market and the increased demand for such products by investors and companies alike.

Investor demand for more sustainable investments, supported by regulations designed to channel finance to more sustainable businesses and projects, is fuelling the development of ever greater numbers of investment funds marketed as being ESG, ethical, sustainable and/or impact focused.

Insurers are issuing green insurance policies, helping to promote sustainable building practices by offering reduced premium environmentally sustainable insurance policies.

Our Services for Sustainable Finance Products

Our services are based on three key areas:

Assistance with sustainable financial product development and roll-out programs
Assistance to companies preparing for green debt / loan products
2nd party verification reports for bonds and loans programs
Covering product strategy, market potential, process and control considerations, internal reporting and assistance with roll-out, including individual loan KPI setting. Increasingly includes ensuring compliance with regulations such as the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations and Taxonomy.
From ESG strategy to GHG emission calculations to determining company-wide or project KPIs. Whether directly or via the issuing FI, Anthesis’ role is to help the company prepare in advance of agreeing a loan or issuing the bond.
We prepare initial and annual verification reports for investors and lenders on company compliance with Sustainability Performance Targets. We provide a credible and independent assessment of the sustainability quality of their bonds and loans, against either the Green Bond Principles or Sustainability Linked Loan Principles.

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