Sustainable Packaging Design and Manufacturing Solutions

July 21, 2017 | Guidance

Developing sustainable solutions through design, supply chain management and manufacturing.

Packaging fulfils a number of critical functions across the product lifecycle, from protection during transit and handling, through to providing consumers information on its content. The environmental impacts of packaging, however, are often the focus of considerable discussion and the topic has received more than its fair share of criticism from popular media and consumers.

Our Approach and Services

At Anthesis, we understand the importance of packaging and the role it plays in reducing the overall environmental impact of a product.

We have supported a wide range of organisations to:

  • Carry out sustainability reviews and reporting on packaging, using recognised analytics like carbon footprinting.
  • Work with manufacturers and their suppliers to enhance packaging by making it more fit for purpose or through lightweighting.
  • Support decisions around raw material substitution, using our software based tools to assess changes in sustainability outcomes.
  • Support producers to understand how to increase recycling of their packaging after its principal use.
  • Ensure worldwide compliance in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include: Coca Cola Enterprises • Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group • Elopak • Tesco, Covestro • Unilever • Zero Waste Scotland • Nestle • Coveris • Belu • Costa Coffee • RB • Huhtamaki • M&S • AkzoNobel • WRAP • Avaya • European Commission

As well as working for a number of distinguished clients, our work with RB was shortlisted for the 2degrees “Solution of the Year” award in July 2014.

Project Examples

Sustainable design case study: resource efficiency plans

The Anthesis role in the project included producing a market assessment for resource efficient packaging innovations which profiled the state of the market in relation to environmental packaging formats and options. Anthesis, on behalf of another agency, provided ten small beneficiaries with a bespoke action plan and the supporting tools and documentation to help them implement resource efficiency changes in relation to packaging production, in line with a report which was tailored to their own specific business models. Recommended activities were given estimated carbon and waste savings as part of the output from the project.

Richard Peagam
Associate Director, UK

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