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Packaging Life Cycle Assessment

Green design using footprinter

Create powerful management dashboards that visualise your sustainability hotspots at an operational, product or business unit level using our Green Design Tool. This could include analysis of elements such as carbon, water, waste, food waste, energy and packaging.

A surge of legislation, development of standards and consumer awareness has increased the need for companies to demonstrate innovation in design, transparency and reporting for their products and packaging.

We’re increasingly asked about the best or most sustainable packaging materials and formats. There are no easy answers but utilising our Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) tools and our team of analytical specialists, we use a comparative approach to present the circularity, carbon or greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of your packaging options in a clear, understandable way.

We can then generate technical reports, using standards such as ISO 14040/44, PAS 2050 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as appropriate and approved methodologies, to evidence the environmental impacts of packaging products which can be shared with customers and third-party stakeholders.

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We offer footprinting and lifecycle assessment services to explore the best sustainable packaging materials to utilise:

  • Use our Lifecycle Assessment software tools to create quick and easy to interpret results to illustrate the impacts of packaging changes on circularity goals and carbon or GHG emissions
  • Carry out comparative assessments of different packaging options
    Generate technical reports, using standards and approved methodologies, to evidence the environmental impacts of their packaging products which can be shared with customers and third party stakeholders
  • Assess suitability of packaging for labelling or certification schemes
  • Demonstrate fit with eco design and end of life solutions
  • Create takeback and reuse strategies


Packaging Life Cycle Assessments

Packaging LCAs can identify, quantify and assess sources of environmental impact throughout packaging lifecycles and an be leveraged to support supply chain decision-making, production optimisation, compliance reporting, facility and supplier management. It can help you compare different packaging products and determine which option makes the most sense.

LCA Process

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardised method of quantifying the environmental impacts of a product or system using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) framework.

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