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Sustainability in Technology

Sustainable Technology & Digital Consulting Services

Trends in ‘greening’ Tech

The technology sector is a driving force for transformational change, positioned at the forefront of innovation and a core component of implementing sustainability. Information and communication technologies attract the best global talent, are prized by investors and are more than ever a fundamental part of how we live our lives. The sector also has a significant environmental burden, has complex and challenging supply chains and is increasingly an area of focus for regulators across the world. In supporting sustainable technology development through digital media, hardware, tech supply chains and software companies alike, Anthesis is ideally placed to unleash the potential of the tech sector as a driver of sustainability in technology and to manage and mitigate the risks.

Sustainability Drivers in the tech sector

  • Stakeholder Interests: Customer CSR, ESG Risk & Disclosure, employee attraction + retention with Diversity, Equity Inclusion (DEI), benefits, training and development, health and wellness
  • Emerging Business Models: Circularity, Sharing and Services Economy
  • Innovation: New technologies & market renewables, product stewardship, materials & chemicals
  • Supply Chain/Operations: Labour & Human Rights, EHS Mgmt. Blockchain, SBTs

Technology Advisory and Strategy Consulting

The Anthesis team has extensive experience working within the technology sector with 20+ technology clients on the F500 list and 60+ clients on the S&P500 list. Our tech consultants help clients operating in this space perform materiality, risk and opportunity assessments, as well as conduct evaluations of and implement product and supply chain environmental and social programs alongside our world-class GHG emissions, CSR reporting and goal-setting capability (e.g. Science-based Targets and Net Zero).

Tools to Support the Tech Sector

We build custom tools and leverage leading technology solutions to support our tech clients.

While we are software agnostic, we are experts in deploying, using and training clients on the following software tools:

ACDC/product compliance – Anthesis Compliance Data Collection is a free spreadsheet-based tool designed to alleviate the common barriers to efficient data exchange and promote reuse of declarations across the supply chain. The tool facilitate data capture and conversion between industry standard formats including IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A. ACDC is IPC1752A certified.

Footprinter: Green design – this tool helps introduce sustainability metrics early in the product design process and creates product results and tracks performance by brand, category and market. It helps clients develop improvement insights at the product and portfolio level.

Supplier engagement hub – Activator Hubs are secure online platforms with flexible configurations to meet a wide range of collaboration purposes. Whether you’d like to conduct trainings to build capacity in your supply chain, or facilitate peer-to-peer learning within an industry group, Anthesis Activator Hubs can enable the communication and resource-sharing needed.

Circularity tool – this tool produces MCI scores (metrics of circularity from Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and carbon and risk metrics based on decisions at end of life or product design choices. It also relates the outputs to the targets and goals of the client.

Clean CO2 – a carbon management tool that allows companies and events to offset and reduce their carbon footprint. It accompanies users throughout the process of neutralising their company’s activities and greenhouse gas emissions, helping them to achieve carbon neutrality by investing in projects to reduce emissions, such as energy efficiency, renewable energies and carbon sinks.

Tennaxia – digital platform for companies to collect and manage extra-financial data.

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Anthesis has acted as an extension of our internal team – effectively guiding us throughout our sustainability journey, taking into account our unique business drivers, company culture, goals and objectives. Their expertise and partnership have been instrumental to our ongoing progress.                                  

Former Director of Corporate Services, Alliance Data


Anthesis have been excellent partners with their concentration on technical excellence and offering top client value. They are environmental experts, big enough to provide global services but small enough to provide the independence and agility that provides great results.

Darrell Sticker
Global Environment / Sustainability Lead, Cisco

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Technology Services

Our Services

Anthesis provides agile analytics and research capabilities that deliver actionable, commercial foresight and insight. This includes carbon & water and energy & resource footprinting, as well as waste, materiality and climate risk assessments.

Anthesis provides evidence-based strategies, innovating, and tools to address challenges and unlock opportunities. We support strategy development across topics, compliance, management and procurement for products, energy, supply chains and chemicals, as well as stakeholder and supply chain planning and engagement.

Anthesis provides pragmatic support and services to deliver on-the-ground impact, efficiently and effectively. We provide reporting & disclosure support, due diligence and ESG program implementation, as well as communication implementation analytics.

Focus areas in Anthesis’s Tech Sector Sustainability Services

Strategy + Governance: strategy development, implementation analytics, metrics, materiality, reporting and disclosure, GHG, water and waste inventories, stakeholder engagement, social impact

Energy + Resource Efficiency: energy strategy, energy efficiency, compliance, energy generation, footprinting

Product + Supply Chain: compliance, procurement, value chain sustainability, supply chain planning, chemical management, environmental economics, conflict minerals, product stewardship, EPR, circular economy, waste collection, infrastructure and investment

Product Compliance Solutions: Systems architecture and integration, big data, systems implementation, efficiency tools, app development, business process outsourcing, data visualisation, analytics

Transactions + Finance: Due diligence, ESG, remediation and mitigation strategies, EHS compliance, risk assessments, environmental planning, management systems and auditing

Key Topic Areas

The Anthesis Compliance Suite (ACS)

ACS is a web-based sustainable technology system which serves as an efficient data collection tool to augment enterprise resource planning and product lifecycle management-based platforms by providing efficient product compliance and conflict minerals supply chain data exchange. Available only as a combined business process outsourcing solution, we ensure the highest level of quality in compliance management through an automated service. We can collect compliance and part-level lifecycle data from your supply chain and integrate it easily and securely with all enterprise systems providing a seamless transfer of information between ACS and your systems. This “as-a-service” model comes with rapid implementation schedules, automated email based workflow, customer reports, and gaps analyses of compliance documentation.

Science-based Targets and Scope 3 Emissions Data Collection and Reporting

Over 1000 companies have committed to a science-based target. Setting and achieving them requires high levels of quantitative analysis, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. Further, value chain footprinting and target setting for scope 3 emissions is uniquely fraught with its challenges, but is where more than 80% of the impact lies for most companies.

Anthesis has world-class experience in designing efficient and value-add scope 3 emissions inventories and management programs, helping global organisations, and their suppliers develop, evaluate and set ambitious and measureable targets across the Technology sector for greater technological sustainability.

Supplier Engagement

It’s a numbers game: mapping and collecting data for vast networks of suppliers has historically meant spending hours gathering and analysing data to ensure business partners are compliant. Anthesis provides a variety of supplier engagement models, tools and platforms to seamlessly engage, gather and analyse your supplier network. We have decades of experience focused on strategic supply chain issue areas facing the Technology sector and enable our clients to quickly make business decisions. We can engage with suppliers to ensure the right contacts are identified and trained, all supported by a 24/7 help desk to ensure suppliers understand data reporting requirements and tools. In some cases, we’ve built bespoke software solutions where suppliers can connect, receive communications and share learnings to enable green technology innovations to spread across the supply chain.

Designing Renewable Energy Strategies for Impact

Companies are designing renewable energy strategies to support their core business sustainability ambitions, diversifying their energy sources and reduce risk, while increasing resilience in a dynamic and climate changed world. We view corporate renewable energy strategies through the lens of “impact”, where many cobenefits exist beyond zero carbon energy that a business can realise, measure and attribute to its brand. Designing a technology sustainability strategy for “impact” ensures a consideration of what’s material to the business, customers, employees and stakeholders. We start here and ensure that the procurement options being explored align with the impacts the organisation is looking to achieve.

Product Compliance; Conflict Minerals, Full Material Disclosure

Product compliance can be challenging for many businesses – obtaining accurate and futureproofed product compliance while government regulations and customer demands evolve makes it difficult for in-house teams to keep up. Anthesis provides support across the value chain, helping them to manage issues such as RoHS, REACH and Conflict Minerals. We’ve built a hybrid model that combines industry standard tools, cost-efficient managed services and software integration, used by companies of all sizes, to get the right data quality at the right level of price and assurance, without requiring a large internal organisation to manage it. We leverage a combination of in-country project management teams, subject matter experts and offshore technical analyst and consulting resources.

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