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The Experience of Implementing Circularity at Scale – Technology Sector Case Studies

25 Jul 2020 | Event,

I’ve never seen such demand for refurbished product as I’ve seen in these past few months… I think the environment around you changes your mindset as to what is acceptable. Computing becomes more important than what model of computer you have.

Kirstie McIntyre, 
Global Sustainability Operations, HP Inc.

Virtual Conversation Series | Session 8

By using reuse, repair and the smarter use of assets, sustainability can be used to unlock efficiencies and greater business continuity. When applying these principles at scale, in the path of a key global business, performance and reliability are critical. The future of circularity requires an approach that incorporates sustainable chemistry, carbon and circularity holistically.



Richard Peagam, Associate Director, Anthesis Group, leads on product sustainability in Europe. Richard provides clients with expertise, strategy and implementation support for product stewardship (including compliance), responsible supply chains (including conflict minerals and transparency), circular economy and sustainable business strategy.
Lisa Grice, Executive Director, Anthesis Group, leads the Anthesis Circular Economy strategy in the region. Her work in Circular Economy, nominated for a Responsible Business Innovation award, includes developing the strategy for Merck KGaA’s Life Sciences business to credibly position for entry into the multi-billion dollar green chemicals market, and Lisa was chosen to author the chapter on Sustainability in the London Stock Exchange book on Corporate Governance
Kesava Viswanathan, Director of Operations, Cloud Supply Chain Sustainability, Microsoft, is responsible for startup of strategic programs. Prior to this role he managed deployment of cloud capacity for Exchange, Azure and other Microsoft Cloud services. Previously he worked at Intel Corp where he led Global Infrastructure Operations and Manufacturing Computing for Intel IT.
Kirstie McIntyre, Global Director, Global Sustainability Operations, HP Inc, leads sustainability, product and service compliance operations. Her remit covers all environmental/social responsibility laws and market access agreements on energy efficiency, chemical / material restrictions and end-of-life considerations. Her teams manage WW takeback and recycling, IT systems for reporting and disclosure and WW product compliance programs.


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