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Six Ways the Higg Index Creates Business Value for Apparel and Textile Companies

October 26, 2017 | Insights,

Anthesis Group’s senior consultant and retail and supply chain expert Honor Cowen explores six ways the Higg Index can help drive business value across a multitude of sectors.

For the second year running, Anthesis, through the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), is offering support to all members for driving uptake of the Higg Index by facilities and to analyze the data captured.

By the end of 2018, the SAC aims to double the number of facilities that complete the soon-to-be launched Higg Facility Environmental Module on the new Higg Index platform.

We believe the data collected will offer substantial business value. Here are six reasons why:

1. Transparency

Where and how a product is made in supply chains is a growing issue for retailers and brands. Being able to map a supply chain is hugely valuable in itself, to build up a profile of your network and where it is located.

The next step is to understand the impact of that supply chain as a stepping stone for significant change and improvement. The Higg Index asks the pertinent questions and uses the gravitas of its members to prompt responses. Anthesis has an established method of communicating on behalf of members to drive uptake of this industry-wide tool.

2. The Power of Big Data

Managing just the process of collecting big data can be very challenging. Collating and then analyzing these large datasets requires specialized tools. The Higg Index offers consistency in data collection which enables better analytics. Anthesis can alleviate the effort of starting from scratch by using a set of tried-and-tested email templates to drive uptake by facilities, along with an Excel-based tool to aggregate the data.

3. The Opportunity for Visualisation

Visualization is key to understanding your data. It is an invaluable communication tool, not just for you and your team, but for anyone who’s job includes the supply chain, as we explain in our big data visualization blog. Anthesis has peer reviewed dashboards which can be readily filled with your supply chain data at the drop of a hat.

4. The Benefit of Engagement

Engagement strengthens your relationship with your suppliers. There is a balance of course, but the more your suppliers see you taking an interest in their business, the more they are likely to take an interest in yours.

5. The Advantage of Convergence

Convergence is the antidote to communication overload. The beauty of the Higg Index is that each supplier only needs to complete it once and the results can be confidentially shared with all of their customers. Anthesis can streamline this process by communicating on behalf of multiple members at the same time.

6. Multi-functional Use

In addition to internal impact reporting, Higg Index data be used for:

  • Scope three emissions calculations
  • The basis of science-based targets
  • Responding to requests from NGOs.

For further information on the Higg Index, please get in touch with Honor Cowen.

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