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UN Food Systems Summit 2021 | Food Heroes

September 23, 2021 | Insights, News,
UN Food summit




Today, the United Nations hosts the Food Systems Summit, bringing together UN Member States and constituencies around the world in a virtual event to recognise the role of food systems in delivering progress on the 17  Sustainable Development Goals.

The discussions at the United Nations Food Systems Summit are focused on people-centred solutions to transform the way the world produces, consumes, and thinks about food.

Anthesis is taking this opportunity to highlight some of our food heroes who work within the food sector to implement sustainable and just food systems across the world.

Learn how we support sustainability in the Agriculture & Food Sector

Action 1

portrait of simon

Simon Davis

Leads Sustainable Agriculture at Anthesis

Simon leads sustainable agrifood at Anthesis, working across the public and private sectors to develop strategies that support food system transformation. He is a trained nutritionist with experience across global retail, agri-service and agri-tech. He applies his experience to support global brand-embed initiatives, innovations, and technologies that drive global food security, supporting the regeneration of ecosystems and communities that underpin food production aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

His work ranges from Net Zero, deforestation, sustainable diets to biodiversity and worker welfare, providing support to key stakeholders to ensure sustainable, affordable and nutritious food across supply chains in Europe, North America, Latin America and the Far East.

Action track 2.3

Portrait of Julian Parfitt of Anthesis

Dr Julian Parfitt

Technical Director at Anthesis

Dr Julian Parfitt is Technical Director at Anthesis with nearly 40 years’ experience within the sustainability sector working on circular economy and resource efficiency issues. He is an acknowledged international expert in the field of food loss and waste as well as within the broader field of resource efficiency metrics and reporting. In recent years he has played an important role in the development of UK and international research into food waste to help shift to more sustainable consumption models. His latest work includes “Driven to Waste” a key report on the global impact of food loss on farms created in collaboration with WWF and Tesco. Julian has also carried out a number of key strategic roles, including as a member of the United Nations Environment Expert Group on SDG Indicator 12.3.1, team leader on UK Government’s Foresight Review ‘Future of Food and Farming’ (2010), and working with the House of Lords as Specialist Adviser on their review of European food waste prevention policy (2014)

Action track 3

Mariko Thorbecke

Mariko Thorbecke

Expert in Climate Change and Agricultural GHG Accounting at Anthesis

Mariko Thorbecke is an expert in climate change and agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting.

She believes that agriculture is caught between a rapidly warming climate, a complex corporate target setting process, models of varying degrees of certainty, and a messy removals space. The way companies account for the consequences and benefits of agricultural systems towards their Net Zero commitments will ultimately shape whether we boost or limit nature positive production.

Mariko helps organisations navigate and simplify the tangled web that has been created in this space. She applies her expertise to ensure that organisations do not get lost in the weeds at the expense of driving meaningful, nature and climate-positive, action.


Action track 4.1

Ramesh Panavalli

Ramesh Panavalli

Senior Consultant at Anthesis

Ramesh has over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 and FTSE 250+ companies on creating and managing programs around ethical trade, human rights, gender equality, modern slavery, and sustainability. This has led him to work across numerous sectors and deal with complex supply chains. In food, he has worked on Asda Walmart’s responsible sourcing strategy, focusing on safeguarding the rights of people, and fair and resilient livelihoods through various supply chain impact programmes, including social poverty footprint.

At Anthesis, Ramesh’s work now works on developing social and environmental responsibility programmes and believes that investing in the workforce, providing good working conditions and social protection can drive positive change across our food and agricultural systems.


Action track 5

Tatum Hodgkinson

Community Manager and Junior Food Systems Consultant at Anthesis

Tatum has an MSc in Sustainable Development and International Business and has been involved in several projects transforming food systems for the better in France, Malta, Costa Rica, Canada, the Caribbean, Tunisia and now the UK. These past experiences have led her to gain a first-hand understanding of the specific and common vulnerabilities, strengths, challenges, and opportunities that food systems have globally. She believes that creating sustainable and inclusive food systems is the basis of healthy and resilient societies and has always strived to be involved in projects with this goal.

Today, Tatum works as a Community Manager and Junior Food Systems Consultant at Anthesis. Daily, she applies her expertise, stakeholder engagement skills and passion for the sector, to build resilient and just supply chains and empower stakeholders to address common challenges, collaborate and drive positive action.


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