Vision and Ambition

Before developing a sustainability strategy and goals, many organisations need to get clarity on their sustainability vision and level of ambition.

Not every company will seek to be a leader among its peers—the ambition will be influenced by many factors.

For many of our clients, a necessary step before developing a sustainability strategy and goals has been to define the vision and level of ambition for the company.

To do this, we typically engage your senior leaders to co-create a vision and define a level of ambition, which can range from incremental change to radical transformation. We help them to understand the external drivers and future trends, share examples of leading practices and potential options, and facilitate a conversation about where the organisation would like to go in the medium to long-term.

Sustainability goals are essential to aligning and motivating your organisation to make progress towards a vision. They are also a primary way to communicate your commitments to your stakeholders and to differentiate your sustainability strategy.

How we do it

While we customise the goal-setting process for every client, we typically:

  • Assess your current sustainability programme and culture, and review the external goals landscape and stakeholder expectations.
  • If necessary, define your vision and ambition level.
  • Facilitate one or more workshops to engage internal stakeholders and collect ideas for goals, which Anthesis will supplement and organise into a set of options.
  • Define a goals framework, including themes, timeframe, and topics.
  • Finalise the framework and define time-bound targets for each goal topic.
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