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Past and present members of the Product Sustainability Round Table, a community of cross-industry sustainability experts and thought leaders from companies that champion sustainability. Members collaborate on benchmarking and best practice through sessions conducted via our dedicated Anthesis Client Network.

Benchmarking is an exercise to build better businesses. Done well, it can inform new strategies, products or services, identify vulnerabilities and trends and improve market resilience and performance. In the context of sustainability, benchmarking becomes particularly important due to growing consumer demands and the increasing threat of climate change.

We can help you to conduct a benchmarking assessment that exceeds organisational sustainability criteria to assess economic, social and ethical best practice too.

How we do it

  • Defining objectives – we can turn your goals and aspirations for the benchmarking process into tangible objectives.
  • Identifying comparison groups – we work with you to determine the most applicable peers or industry-leading organisations to benchmark your brand with. This can include brands outside your sector, geography and size to provide additional insights.
  • Desktop research and stakeholder engagement – we use a combination of secondary and desktop research and stakeholder engagement to obtain both quantitative and qualitative information on best practice examples that could make a measurable impact, while making sure they remain achievable in the context of your organisation.
  • Presenting the findings – we’ll summarise the relevant customer and market segments, sizes and needs and what other companies are doing in the same space. This can be provided as an interactive dashboard that allows users you to filter on a range of metrics.


J&J has been a proud member of Product Sustainability Round Table since 2007 and our membership has been a vital component of our product stewardship strategy. It helps us benchmark against other organisations, share best practices, and prepare for emerging trends and issues. The PSRT Leadership Framework has also supported J&J in our path towards more fully institutionalising sustainability across the organisation.

Al Iannuzzi
Senior Director Product Stewardship, J&J
Johnson & Johnson

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