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Video: 2019 Predictions Series – Climate Risk and Opportunity

December 13, 2018 | News,

We asked several Anthesis experts to comment on sustainability trends and topics that are emerging, changing and impacting businesses, cities and governments globally for our 2019 sustainability predictions series. In our seventh video, former Executive Director Don Reed discusses Climate Risk and Opportunity. #AccordingtoAnthesis

What are some big changes we’re going to see in 2019?

As physical climate change and its impacts increase and are well documented, as we’ve seen in the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] IPCC and national climate assessment reports, so to our investors and other business people interested in knowing how companies are positioned on climate change and what companies are doing to manage the risks and opportunities. So in 2019 we’ll really see more and analysis and reporting on those risks and opportunities.

What should businesses be doing to address this?

Companies should identify priority issues where you have value-at-stake in your supply chain operations or products, evaluate the business impacts of those key risks and opportunities, using a value pathway approach, and develop a plan of action for managing those risks and opportunities – and that should include disclosure where appropriate.

What’s some legislation or regulation that businesses should be aware of?

There’s lots of relevant legislation around the world, but no single piece of legislation really sets the pattern – that’s part of the challenge. We really see this trend being driven by investors seeking better analysis and disclosure, and sometimes those investors are filing shareholder resolutions In order to get that better information.

What should businesses and government be doing in 2019 to meet 2020 targets?

The landscape on targets is really fast changing as our understanding of the societal risks and potential pathways to a stable climate [also] change, and so for most businesses, cities and governments their 2020 goals are already outdated and in need of a refresh.