Sustainability Predictions for 2019


Sustainability is no longer the niche topic only applicable to certain individuals within an organization, it's now integral to business success and longevity - sustainability is mainstream.  

2018 has seen big strides in topical areas relevant across the globe, such as plastics, sustainable finance, investment, energy and the decarbonization of both companies and whole regions. We've heard fascinating insights of change:

  • Large businesses are now stating that sustainability issues, such as plastics, are their number one business priority.
  • In the retail sector, top lines sales are being directly impacted by sustainability strategy. 
  • Some Private Equity Houses will not fund businesses without an action Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plan. 

These proof points tell us that large-scale change is here and happening. 2019 is set to see even greater movement, action and progress within business-critical areas towards a more sustainable future for both business and the environment. 

We've created a series of short videos with some of our leading figures. They predict what might happen in 2019 within their specialist topic areas. Watch all seven videos below.

video predictions graphic 2


Predictions Series - Debbie Hitchen - The Sustainable Plastic Challenge

What will happen with the sustainable plastic challenge?

Debbie Hitchen, Director in Waste and Resource Sustainability, explains her predictions for plastics in 2019. 

Renewable Energy 

George full

The renewable energy landscape

George Favaloro, Executive Director in the US, discusses the changes we might expect to see in the renewable energy landscape.


Secondary commodities

Nick Cuomo full

How will the secondary commodities market change?

Nick Cuomo, consultant in the Waste and Resource team, gives his take the possible changes within the secondary commodities market.  


Polly Stebbings full

The carbon price dilemma


Polly Stebbings, energy and carbon consultant, explains what might happen to the price of carbon and how it might impact emission reduction efforts. 


Commercial criticality

paul crewe full

The commercial criticality of sustainability

Paul Crewe, Chief Sustainability Officer, predicts how sustainability will shape the face of business in 2019, highlighting two key areas. 


Fiona Place Full

Sustainable finance and the TCFD

Director Fiona Place predicts changes in the realm of sustainable finance and the influential Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.


climate risk

Don Reed full

Climate risk and opportunity

With sizeable changes taking place, Don Reed, Executive Director in the US, discusses what we might see in the key business area of climate risk and opportunity