Waste Collection, Infrastructure & Investment

There is now a distinct shift in trend from disposing of waste via landfill sites to recovering valuable resources through recycling and energy recovery. These efforts to recover resources embrace the multiple opportunities to realise more value from waste.

This could be on the larger scale through investment in infrastructure, down to the smaller scale of ensuring your company and the contractor on your behalf is managing your waste cost efficiently and sustainably.

Anthesis’ team of dedicated specialists have an excellent understanding of the waste industry – from regulation, collections and operational delivery, to infrastructure and treatment. We have in-depth knowledge of waste markets for the full range of material types, from materials for recycling through to residual waste. We apply this knowledge to help our clients make sound investment decisions, through business case development and implementation, including new circular economy models for materials.

Due to our marketing leading position in commercial due diligence for waste infrastructure, we can support in market evaluations and feedstock assessments for new infrastructure investments, expansions and refinancing or acquisition of existing plants. We also offer valuable support to future-proof your investment decisions and evaluate existing and future risks.

Our Waste Services

We support a range of private companies, local authorities, waste contractors and investors with our bespoke services:

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