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Waste Minimisation

Supporting organisations to identify opportunities to minimise waste

Globally there is an increasing focus on addressing the environmental impacts associated with increasing waste generation.

The public, media, charities, governments, businesses and their trade bodies are driving a shift towards more sustainable waste management practices. Increasingly, strategies include steps to move away from a ‘take, make, use, throw’ model to one of ‘reduce, reuse, repair, recycle’, increasing resource efficiency and creating better end-of-life solutions in line with the waste hierarchy and circular economy principles. 

One solution to help contribute to these principles is through waste minimisation to achieve Zero Waste. 

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is often defined as sending no waste to landfill. However, the goal for any company should be to produce zero waste, recognising that any waste is an inefficiency and a cost. 

The threshold to be considered “zero waste” is usually set between a 90% and 95% diversion rate.

Supporting clients with their Zero Waste needs 

Anthesis works with clients using the waste hierarchy and circular economy principles to eliminate or minimise waste where possible. Where it is not possible, we identify other opportunities to better manage material through reuse and recycling routes, and as a last resort through energy recovery 

Our Zero Waste services:

  • Waste footprinting to quantify waste generated through operations, supply chains and products
  • Waste minimisation strategies and roadmaps
  • Create sustainable packaging in design and production
  • Conduct Product Sustainability Impact assessments
  • Develop strategies for organisations to keep resources in use for as long as possible
  • Modelling, data visualisation and monitoring



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