Waste & Resource Sustainability

Businesses are increasingly looking through a sustainable lens at the products they market, services they provide and the supply chains they work with.


The factors driving the switch to more sustainable processes are coming from a variety of sources - consumer pressure, regulatory compliance, supply chain risks, sustainability commitments, or just because reducing waste and developing more efficient measures is better from a financial perspective. 

Anthesis offers a wide-range of comprehensive waste and resource consulting services on themes such as: product sustainability, circular economy, resource efficiency agendas, infrastructure, and cost effective, sustainable waste management.

How we excel for you

We work with companies across the globe on sustainable production and consumption across all lifecycle stages: materials sourcing > production > consumption > end-of-life.

Having an excellent awareness of each stage means we can deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for you, whilst helping to identify business opportunities and benefits across the whole value chain.

Our team can support businesses in their response to key, high profile issues, such as addressing the plastic packaging challenge or reducing food waste. We have also supported many public sector organisations to increase their efficiency and help shape how they operate and regulation they bring in. 

We also support waste producers, contractors and investors who are looking to realise more value from the waste that they, or others, generate. This can be through the materials they recycle or through generation of energy from waste. We are market leaders in commercial due diligence for waste infrastructure and have excellent knowledge of waste markets across the spectrum of materials.

Our Waste & Resource Service Areas

Drawing on a wealth of technical experience and knowledge, our team can deliver programmes of work that cover a range overarching themes, including the following key service areas:

We also have sector specific offerings in:

The Anthesis approach

The team’s wide-ranging capabilities enable us to provide both strategic support and hands-on project delivery. We take a collaborative approach, fully supporting our clients as the project evolves through delivery, making sure you are compliant, risk management, innovation and the development of truly sustainable, tailored solutions.

Alongside our technical knowledge, our team can also draw on the use of pioneering software technology, giving us the advantage when it comes to modelling, analytics and data visualisation techniques.

Reflecting the global nature of supply chains, we have the capabilities to deliver international projects through our network of offices and consultants across Europe, the Middle East, APAC, and the Americas.

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Resource Efficiency



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