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Brand Identity and Design

Bringing purpose and positioning to life through creative expression


To encourage the collection of organic waste in the City of Madrid, Anthesis conceptualised the “Acierta con la organic” campaign, including the development of complementary assets and materials.

The visual experience of a brand carries rich symbolic meaning to its audiences. Consciously or not, your naming, logos, typography, tone of voice and graphic and photographic styles speak clearly about the values of your business: they show the world who you are.

Why brand identity and design is important to captivate audiences

Great brands bring their purpose and positioning to life through high fidelity, bold and creative expression. This helps them stand out from the crowd, connect with and motivate their key audiences, occupy their target market space, and build valuable, long term equity. Well managed portfolios show intuitive and easy to navigate connections between levels and hierarchies.

Anthesis brand identity design specialises in the development of new identity systems for sustainable and purposeful brands: the effective expression and realisation of brand strategies fit for the future.

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Anthesis supported us in the preparation of our 2018 Integrated Report and in the development of the materiality analysis of Roche Colombia. Their experience and knowledge were key to allowing us to focus on the most important issues for our company and stakeholders, and helped them [our stakeholders]  understand our advances in environmental, economic, social and good corporate governance.

Alejandro Wilches
Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, Roche
Roche Colombia

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