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Sustainability Communications Planning

Engaging audiences with a succinct and clear narrative

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The Anthesis built and managed Supplier Network app is used by over 10,000 Tesco suppliers across Europe. Suppliers using the app can read, watch and download resources from Tesco on issues such as energy use, food waste and innovation. Anthesis support Tesco with the creation of collateral and webinar content across a range of different topics.

Done well, a communications plan can encapsulate a brand’s place in society with a succinct and clear narrative, executed through the right channels. But in an overly crowded space, campaigns can often fall flat, unable to cut through the noise and make their unique selling proposition clear.

Our Communications Planning services

We work with clients and partners to develop evidence-based communication plans that remain creative and authentic to a brand’s ambition. We can also define and commission accompanying collateral including press releases, presentations and digital content.

How we do it

  • Developing a compelling narrative informed by your sustainability and wider business strategies.
  • Creating themes and messages that appeal to specific audiences including investors, customers, colleagues and partners.
  • Aligning with existing communications activities and planning activation.
  • Providing a succinct creative brief where required to agencies and other communications stakeholders.
  • Pinpointing channels and formats most suited for effectively landing your message.
  • Working in-house or with client communications teams to develop collateral for identified channels.
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Anthesis have been excellent partners with their concentration on technical excellence and offering top client value. They are environmental experts, big enough to provide global services but small enough to provide the independence and agility that provides great results.

Darrell Sticker
Global Environment / Sustainability Lead, Cisco

Anthesis Lavola has been a key partner in developing the company’s annual report, especially in terms of sustainability, for many years. The experience and knowledge of the team have been fundamental in analysing and communicating Damm's advances in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Fede Segarra
Director of Communication

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