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Customer and Market Insight

Understanding customers by evaluating their emotions, unique drivers and purchasing habits

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Anthesis can build interactive dashboards to help stakeholders and colleagues understand complex data and market research. The dashboards allows clients to filter results by region, business unit, stakeholder group, topic type, or any other number of factors.

In the last decade the way consumers interact with businesses and businesses interact with consumers has undergone a reinvention. Largely driven by the role of social media in people’s lives, brands are now acutely aware of the way their customers think, feel and act. But how do you pull all this information together into one big-picture look at brand sentiment?

Our Customer and Market Insight services

We help brands to understand their customers on a human level by evaluating their emotions, unique drivers and purchasing habits. We then convert this data into visual and quantifiable outputs.

How we do it

  • Reviewing secondary and market research to understand sustainability-related customer preferences and needs.
  • Benchmarking how other brands, particularly direct competitors, are communicating their products or services impacts and benefits, and how they market their eco-led products.
  • Conducting desktop research on key trends and stakeholder pressures like environmental activism. Based on this research, we will identify the priority product or service categories.
  • Using social listening to understand brand sentiment.
  • Summarising the relevant customer segments, sizes and needs and what other companies are doing in the space.
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