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Goals and Commitments

Unifying your goals and commitments with your existing business processes

SDGs are a set of universal goals that meet the world’s urgent environmental, political and economic challenges. While it is not expected that companies can align their goals with all 17 SDGs, we can help them identify which goals are most relevant.

It is often hard to connect your day-to-day operations with how it impacts the world. There is frequently a disconnect between your activities and broader global economic, social and environmental issues.

At Anthesis, we translate your sustainability goals into real life by unifying them with your existing business processes. We use frameworks including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SASB, Science Based Targets, CDSB and CDP to ensure purpose and impact are at the heart of your business ambitions.

How we help you set your goals and commitments

  • Modelling current performance and forecasting ‘business as usual’ scenarios.
  • Helping you to prioritise goals which will have the most environmental, social and economic impact.
  • Choosing the relevant methodology or framework to access and develop your companies ambitions into meaningful goals.
  • Evaluating reduction methods and identifying hotspots across your business operations so you can meet your targets. This can include using our partner tool, Footprinter, to collect, track and analyse data from across your operations.
  • Communicating your goals both internally and externally – often delivered in combination with our campaign, workshop or reporting services.
  • Submitting your targets and / or goals to the relevant reporting frameworks.
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Our ability to translate strategy into meaningful outcomes has been fully recognised and appreciated by the client: Simply put, we would not have been able to do it without Anthesis.

Patrick Cawley
Principal Programme Sponsor
Network Rail

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