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Stakeholder Engagement

Helping clients with productive dialogue with their important stakeholders

LV-Sinappsis is our exclusive technology tool for the planning, execution and efficient management of awareness and communication campaigns. It can be used to plan a campaign, delegate tasks to campaign managers, collect data and view and track results in real-time. The tool can be particularly effective when used with on-the-ground engagement campaigns in public locations.

Any large organisation depends on a complex, interconnected network of stakeholders: from your own team, through close groups of customers, investors, suppliers and partners – to wider audiences of regulators, competitors, communities, activists, thought leaders, and beyond.

Why is stakeholder engagement important?

The health of this ecosystem is fundamental to long term success: responsible conduct, open engagement and collaboration all support healthy relationships, which in turn shape opportunities, mitigate reputational and operational risks and promote resilience in challenging times.

Furthermore, properly engaged, your wider stakeholders can supply powerful insights and leading signals of sustainability risks and opportunities, helping you to see further and stay ahead of the competition.

How we help you to engage with your stakeholders

At Anthesis, we help clients identify and engage in rewarding and productive dialogue with their important stakeholders, through quantitative studies, convenings, one-to-one consultation and other methods. We use these methods to unlock sustainable performance through richer analytics, smarter strategies and collaborative implementation.

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