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Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Management

Addressing toxic materials within existing buildings and facilities across the world

Our asbestos management services are led by Charles Faulkner, our Head of Environment, Health and Safety in the Middle East. He has over 17 years’ experience within the field of environmental, health and safety and many industry-specific qualifications.

Asbestos is a hazardous and toxic material and, despite being banned in most countries, there is a significant legacy issue within existing buildings and facilities across the world. In some cases asbestos materials are still being used.

Our team can help you to manage these risks appropriately to ensure the safety of your workforce, building occupants and the general public. We have the capacity to provide a wide range of asbestos materials management services to mitigate the health and safety, legal and financial risks that may be presented by hazardous materials.

How we manage your asbestos and hazardous materials

We offer a diverse range of hazardous materials risk management services, tailoring bespoke solutions to even the most demanding of concerns. Through the undertaking of desktop studies, legislative reviews, and site investigations, Anthesis provides clients with cost- effective and regulatory- compliant asbestos solutions that are in line with industry best practice.

  • Asbestos management, refurbishment and demolition surveys (Formerly type 2 and type 3 asbestos surveys) and plans.
  • Supervising consultant services including asbestos removal supervision, auditing and independent verification.
  • Asbestos removal project technical specification.
  • Airborne fibre monitoring.
  • Contaminated Land Remediation Management.
  • Hazardous and deleterious materials assessments and inspections (Including PCBs, Lead, Man Made Mineral Fibre, CFCs, HCFCs, Heavy metals, Cadmium/Mercury/Nickel).
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