Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Waste Management

Improving your resource efficiency and reputation by integrating circular economy principles

civiwaste waste analytics software for local councils

Anthesis offer a range of circularity tools, including CIVIwaste, a mobile app and web application to help local councils transform and improve their public services through citizen co-responsibility and incentives. Citizens can register and record their actions in regards to recycling and disposal, receive recommendations from the city council, obtain discounts and bonuses and report incidences of waste crime.

What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy of take–make–dispose, which fails to fully utilise the potential of many products and services. It could help tackle the climate emergency, decrease resource scarcity and dependence on single use plastics and increase business sustainability.

Taking circular economy thinking and implementing it successfully can be challenging. We can support you to integrate circular economy principles into your project, identify opportunities and subsequently improve your resource efficiency and reputation.

Our Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Waste Management services:

  • Data collection – our analytics team can help you meet your circular economy goals by aggregating complex sets of data, visualising circularity data so it’s easy to understand or even implementing a bespoke software tool to improve data collection and management.
  • Profiling and improving current business practices – including services such as procurement and waste reviews and stakeholder engagement.
  • Options assessment and development – achieved through initiatives such as best practice research, stakeholder engagement and cost benefit analysis to inform your list of options.
  • Trials and initiatives –  implementing and developing trials to test the viability of different options for business-wide implementation.
  • Strategy development – working with key stakeholders to map out a strategy based on the performance, aspirations and current practices.
  • Certification – helping clients to achieve environmental certification and communicate their environmental footprint.

We help cities and local councils determine and integrate a circular economy strategy and communicate their ambitions across to their audiences.

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Anthesis has a solid track record of contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the 'resource management' sector through the work it delivers for governments, businesses and other high profile clients.

Paul Vanston

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