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Design of Educational Programmes

Creating educational programmes that are informed by the latest methodologies and trends

We can use ItinerApp, our educational application, as a tool to share videos, photos, real-time multiple-choice questions and augmented reality experiences that take educational programs beyond conventional learning methods. As each learning experience is different, the tool can be adapted to for all types of projects and spaces, as well as all types of audiences.

Education is key to empowering citizens for cultural and social transformation. It makes them the protagonists of a more committed and sustainable society. Through educational programmes, organisations can communicate their values around sustainability in a way that changes the way people behave and think.

We create educational experiences for organisations that want to position themselves around sustainability with the help of educational and cultural insights. We develop and create innovative programmes that are informed by the latest methodologies and trends.

How we design your educational programmes

  • Creation – conceptualising and producing innovative educational resources, materials and activities that can be used in conjunction with the programme or campaign.
  • Technical support – providing technical information and assistance services to the campaign facilitators.
  •  Monitoring – conducting activities and supporting programme dissemination with specialised educational teams in the field of sustainability and science.
  • Evaluation – evaluating the services offered and the results obtained from the educational programme.

Our services are often directed at all public or private entities that wish to execute educational programs in the fields of environment, sustainability, science and technology.

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