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Education and Cultural Insights

Providing educational and cultural insights at the beginning, middle and end of every project

Using our analysis tool LV-Sinappsis, we were able to accurately calculate a 20% decline in shopkeepers not managing their waste correctly in the city of Barcelona. This analysis formed part of a wider, three-year waste and recycling campaign designed and deployed by Anthesis.

Education is one of the most powerful tools that human beings have when it comes to changing behaviours and societies. But how do you calculate or even quantify the value this has on each of us as individuals?

At Anthesis, we provide education and cultural insights at the beginning, middle and end of every project. From conducting benchmark assessments  to aggregating data post-campaign, our analytical expertise can easily be combined with on-the-ground improvements and delivery.

Our Education and Cultural Insights services:

  • Participatory workshops and planning sessions using our engagement methodology, meetfulness.
  • Customer journey designs, especially for museums and civic spaces.
  • Benchmarking education for sustainability and STEM programmes against world-leading learning experiences.
  • End-to-end expertise in data collection, analysis and verification.
  • Evaluating the impact of singular experiences right through to long-term campaigns.
  • Analysing user satisfaction.
  • Monitoring the educational performance of our team.
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