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Sustainability Strategy + Governance

Helping organisations to define holistic sustainability strategies that drive performance and build resilience.

Proven Approach

We develop sustainability strategies tailored to each individual client's need, beginning with proven assessments that prioritise issues, identify risks and opportunities, and clarify the business case. We will help you to define a vision and goals, and lay the groundwork for successful implementation with a roadmap and governance approach.

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Double Materiality Reporting: The Next Frontier in ESG

Double Materiality

Regulation around sustainability reporting is getting tighter. How can you meet the emerging regulatory requirements on double materiality, but also make sure you use the process to make your organisation more sustainable?


Enhancing Accsys’ Sustainability Communications Strategy


Anthesis reviewed the current messaging and proposed a new messaging hierarchy. Accsys’ key pillars were reimagined to tell a more holistic story of what sustainable wood means for the business, stakeholders, and the planet.


Anthesis Launches RouteZero™


Anthesis launches RouteZeroTM, the first credible solution to digitally deliver a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction platform – from intelligent climate planning to optimal investment strategies and implementation activities – backed by the unrivalled expertise from 1,100 climate analytics specialists.



Anthesis has been instrumental in helping to evolve our strategic sustainability thinking working with all stakeholders through the process and supporting our positive impact ambition.

Jérôme Perez, Head of Sustainability, Nespresso

Over the last 18 months, Anthesis’ expert but human approach has seen our partnership grow across a multitude of areas of ESG. An absolute pleasure to work with, Anthesis have seamlessly integrated into our ways of working. Immediately grasping where we were in our ESG maturity, they have shown a genuine desire to help us move things forward through applying expertise and passion from across a vast array of subjects and sectors.

Richard Mason
Head of ESG, AO

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