Environmental and Social Value Chain Impacts

We have expertise across all facets of sustainability – whether it’s energy, waste, packaging, chemicals or compliance – making our value chain offer unique.

While most companies have a good sense of the environmental and social impacts of their own operations, the impacts in their value chains can be opaque and more difficult to manage. Yet as stakeholders are becoming more sophisticated, they are increasingly holding companies accountable for what takes place across the entire lifecycle of a product or service—from raw materials through to end of life.

Understanding where your most significant impacts are across your value chain is a critical input to developing an effective strategy. Anthesis brings proven frameworks and broad expertise across many industries that allow us to measure and prioritise those impacts.

How we do it

  • Creating a roadmap that represents the material and business flows across your value chain.
  • Identifying environmental and social impacts associated with each stage of the value chain.
  • Prioritising the impacts based on their size, the company’s level of control, and stakeholder concern.

Key People

Emma Armstrong
Executive Director and Diversity & Inclusion Lead, North America
Andrew Armstrong
Executive Director, North America
Ezequiel (Zeke) Hart
Director, North America
George Favaloro
Executive Director, North America
Ben Tuxworth
Technical Director, UK
James Wallis
Director, UK Strategy

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