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Environmental and Social Value Chain Impacts

Measuring and prioritising environmental and social impacts

We have expertise across all facets of sustainability – whether it’s energy, waste, packaging, chemicals or compliance – making our value chain offer unique.

It is no longer enough to manage the environmental and social impacts related to your direct operations and own employees. Stakeholders increasingly hold companies accountable for what takes place across the entire lifecycle of their products and services—from raw materials and the supply chain through customer use and end of life. In addition, companies are expected to go beyond traditional philanthropy to consider their extended impacts on the communities they touch and influence.

A clear picture of the impacts across your value chain is a critical input for understanding where your sustainability strategy can deliver the most societal value—whether that’s reducing environmental impacts from product use or improving the lives of workers in your supply chain. Anthesis brings proven frameworks and broad expertise across many industries that allow us to measure and prioritise those impacts and help you to understand your relative influence and accountability.

Our Environmental and Social Value Chain Impacts services:

  • Creating a map of the material and business flows across your value chain.
  • Identifying environmental and social impacts associated with each stage of the value chain.
  • Prioritising impacts based on size, the company’s level of control and accountability, and degree of stakeholder concern.

From here, you can build you vision and ambition for your sustainable strategy.

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