Focus Areas, Functional Strategies and Innovation

Defining a strategy that organises your strategy by topical and functional focus areas as well as objectives and initiatives

We have the tools, experience and insights to not only support implementation of your existing initiatives but also bring new ideas to the table.

Holistic corporate sustainability strategies address multiple environmental and social topics, from climate change and sustainable materials to human rights, employee diversity, and community support. They also cover many functional aspects, from operations and supply chain, to marketing and communications, to process, product, and business model innovation. To make matters more complicated, many of these aspects often overlap and interact.

With so many elements to consider, it can be challenging to define a strategy that organises and prioritises objectives and initiatives that drive value for your organisation. We are experts at working with our clients to do so, and will customise our approach to your business realities and culture.

Our Functional Strategies services:

  • Assessing your sustainability risks, gaps and opportunities. This will involve interviews, research, and analysis on both internal and external factors.
  • Identifying and framing a set of high-level strategy options and goals that can deliver the most business value while improving sustainability performance. These options can be presented as part of an internal engagement session for feedback and refinement.
  • Organising the strategy into a comprehensive set of focus areas. For each strategy area we will consider the level of ambition needed, develop specific goals and outline how to achieve them.

From there, you should think about your action plan of how to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Anthesis has acted as an extension of our internal team – effectively guiding us throughout our sustainability journey, taking into account our unique business drivers, company culture, goals and objectives. Their expertise and partnership have been instrumental to our ongoing progress.                                  

Former Director of Corporate Services, Alliance Data
Alliance Data

Anthesis has been an integral part of our sustainability journey and have provided us with continuous guidance and support. Their structured approach has helped make sustainability central to business decisions and operations. Their know-how and best-practice expertise across multiple sectors have ensured high quality outcomes and remain key in allowing us to realise the Group’s sustainability ambitions.

José Antonio Perez
Group Marketing Manager
BDR Thermea

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