Leadership and Capabilities Assessment

Faced by climate change and make or break reductions in carbon over the next ten years, organisational leadership needs to be dynamic, pragmatic, and switched on to sustainability.

Whether you’re developing a new sustainability strategy or refreshing an existing one, it’s critical that you begin with an understanding of your organisation’s current state. An objective assessment of leadership views and organisational capabilities will help to ensure that the strategy will be supported internally, be appropriately ambitious, build on existing strengths, and address weaknesses. Sustainability strategies that are aligned with leadership priorities are far more likely to succeed in the long term, as are those supported by the necessary organisational enablers.

Anthesis can support you in assessing your leadership engagement and organisational capabilities to inform strategy development.

How we do it

  • Conducting interviews with senior executives to solicit candid perspectives on current performance, opportunities, risks, and ambition.
  • Assessing existing governance structures, organisational alignment, management approach, focus areas, and commitments.
  • Summarising the key insights and themes from across our interviews and assessments.

Key People

Emma Armstrong
Executive Director and Diversity & Inclusion Lead, North America
Andrew Armstrong
Executive Director, North America
Ezequiel (Zeke) Hart
Director, North America
George Favaloro
Executive Director, North America
Ben Tuxworth
Technical Director, UK
James Wallis
Director, UK Strategy

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