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Carbon Footprint Assessment

Identifying carbon and water reduction opportunities in the supply chain

Industry-leading carbon footprinting software

Our greenhouse gas inventory management tool, RouteZero, streamlines how organisations input, calculate, and visualise GHG emissions, with an industry-leading data validation, calculation and managed emissions factor database.

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Pulling together the data and processing it into robust and reliable metrics can be difficult and time consuming. While your own operational performance is important, often the biggest impacts come from elements outside of your direct control: from upstream and downstream of your operations, including embodied emissions.

Experts in collecting, computing, managing and visualising sustainability data,  Anthesis helps organisations to understand their environmental impact and identify carbon reduction opportunities with custom made technology, including our proprietary GHG inventory management platform, RouteZero.

Our Carbon Footprinting services:

  • World-leading experts who can design solutions, address your challenges and calculate the environmental impacts associated with a product, service or organisation.
  • Using a suite of software tools to maximise data quality and efficiency, ranging from excel templates and web applications through to analysis of big data workflow. Our team can use a number of in-house and partner tools, including RouteZero, Footprinter, and are licensed distributors of SimaPro software.
  • End-to-end expertise in supply chain data collection, data analysis and verification and improvements delivery. We can provide some, or all, programme elements as a managed service.
  • Training on life cycle assessments and SimaPro. Depending on your needs, this could involve online webinars right through to three-day workshops.

After understanding your footprint, you can plan to implement carbon reduction strategies.


MidEuropa’s ESG framework has been substantially supported by Anthesis, with its RouteZero digital solution instrumental in providing measurable insight both on our own footprint and that of our portfolio companies.

Vesna Sipp
Partner and Head of IR and ESG

It’s FIRA’s aim to make carbon accounting as easy as possible so that others can concentrate on reducing their footprint. No more spreadsheets or struggling to find conversion factors, the Furniture Footprinter™ tool [developed by Anthesis] provides a full web-based solution backed up by the experience of Europe’s leading footprint specialists.

Bruce Lovell
Consultant, FIRA

Anthesis has been instrumental in helping us quantify our carbon footprint and understand where our biggest opportunities lie over the years. This long-term support has allowed us to reach carbon neutrality and maintain our status as the UK’s most ethical water brand – an essential part of what Belu stands for.

Nolan Wright
Head of Operations, Belu Water
Belu Water

Measure your carbon emissions

Discover Anthesis’ Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management solution

Designed from the insights of over 4,000 carbon and GHG footprints globally, RouteZero accelerates the pace with which organisations can assess their impact and develop actionable decarbonisation plans.

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