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Management Systems Integration and Implementation

Supporting IT-orientated employees across different areas of sustainability

For larger projects, Anthesis can provide round the clock business process outsourcing services. We leverage a combination of in-country project management teams, subject matter experts, and offshore technical analyst and consulting resources.

Most organisations run large ERP systems, like Oracle or SAP, to cover core and standard processes for financials, supply chain management and logistics. On top of these, they operate smaller and tailored systems inside their business units, which can often be simple Excel and Word spreadsheets. To increase efficiency and avoid compliance related risks, it is crucial for a company to fully understand the strategy, requirements, process flows, data structures and software landscape of a business unit and its sustainability requirements.

We support IT-oriented employees, working in any sector, who are looking for software coverage, business process optimisation and improved data structures across different areas of sustainability.

How we integrate Management Systems in your software

  • Driving maximum value from existing infrastructure and redeploying the gains to build for the future.
  • Developing a systems roadmap and implementation plan based on specific client needs.
  • Building custom tools to manage and report on sustainability concerns such as energy, waste and carbon.
  • Providing some, or all, programme elements as a managed service (sometimes known as business process outsourcing).
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Anthesis have been collaborating with Tesco for the last few years. Among a range of projects, Anthesis have supported and facilitated the Supplier Network Platform, which promotes communication and stimulates discussion and knowledge sharing between Tesco and our suppliers.

Carmen Chan
Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager, Tesco
F&F (Tesco)

"A really well managed project, undertaken at pace and it really felt that my time was always used in a very focussed, relevant way only when needed." "The client interaction was excellent and well managed and I felt that I was appropriately engaged throughout the development programme." "I would certainly recommend Anthesis to others for this type of work."

Advisory Board Members, CIPS
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

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