Ratings and Certifications

Helping you to measure and manage sustainability performance across your business

We cover a range of certifications, including:

  • ISO (14001, 26000, 45001, 50001, 9001, 31000)
  • BES (8903, 18001)
  • LEED

There is a vast array of environmental certifications and standards around; with new standards appearing all the time, while more established standards are being revised – in particular the ISO suite of management systems.

From materiality assessments to communications planning, Anthesis has a comprehensive service to help you implement a new or upgrade an existing certification in a targeted, streamlined way.

Our ratings and certifications services:

  • Materiality assessment – initially we will review your current sustainability approach to align focus with stakeholder requirements and commitments. This will help ensure that the most appropriate standards are being targeted.
  • Gap analysis and planning – we then review current processes and systems versus the required standards. This will feed into a high level plan which identifies the key actions required for successful implementation of the standard.
  • Training and communications planning – training and communications are key to the successful implementation of all standards. Our expertise will ensure communications and training are targeted and effective.
  • Implementation – every organisation’s requirements are unique. Our flexible support and wide-ranging expertise can be applied where needed.

Used well, standards will help you manage and measure sustainability performance across your business and value chain and deliver a range of benefits, such as enhancing your brand reputation.

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The challenge with this type of project [Responsible sourcing certification] is finding the right advisory partner that instinctively understands what is needed, understand our business, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard.

Heinrich Jonker
Quality Systems Manager
SIG Building Solutions


Lisa Grice
Executive Director, North America
Debbie Hitchen
Director, UK
Helen Kean
Regional Director Sustainable Chemistry, EMEA & APAC
Claudia Amos
Technical Director - Plastics Technology, Infrastructure & Commercial Due Diligence, UK
Berta Mota
Plastic Circularity and Supply Chain Manager, Anthesis Lavola
Jason Gooden
Executive Director and Information Solutions Lead, North America

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