Hotspotting, Opportunity and Risk Mapping

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Create powerful management dashboards that visualise your sustainability hotspots at an operational, product or business unit level using our partner tool, Footprinter. This could include analysis of elements such as carbon, water, waste, food waste, energy and packaging.

A hotspotting exercise can take many forms. Some companies focus on risk avoidance and ensuring that products are responsibly sourced, manufactured, and disposed; others highlight merchandise already in the product portfolio that have environmental and social benefits.

Anthesis can help you do both. We assess the risks and opportunities landscape and client-specific factors such as merchandising strategies.

How we do it

  • Conducting a sustainability hotspot analysis of your product portfolio. This can include more focused assessments of products categories that pose greater risk or opportunity.
  • Mapping the value chain and describing your key environmental hotspots across raw materials, manufacturing, customer use and disposal. We will consider any relevant social sustainability issues, such as modern slavery, as well as regulatory, supply chain, and reputational risk.
  • Interviewing suppliers and merchants to get their insights and receive feedback on our category assessments. We can also go one step further by providing supplier engagement, capacity building and training.
  • Using our analysis to make recommendations on how to address specific hotspots and risk This will be coupled with ways to increase revenue growth, improve brand reputation and potential cost saving opportunities.

Following your hotspot analysis, Anthesis can also develop a recommended procurement policy and high-level roadmap that prioritises responsible sourcing, product innovation, and sustainability marketing efforts.

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